Los Gatos Mountains Homes & Schools - Santa Clara County

When people relocating to Silicon Valley get sticker shock on our real estate prices, most of the time they look for more affordable places in which to live that are close by. Often finding neighborhoods with good schools comes into play. Or perhaps they simply love the scenic town of Los Gatos but canít buy in town. The mountains between San Jose and Santa Cruz Ė the coastal range Ė is home to a number of communities such as Chemeketa Park, Holy City, Aldercroft Heights, the Lexington Reservoir area (the town of Lexington is under the reservoir now!), Alma, Redwood Estates (Upper Redwood Estates, Lower Redwood Estates) and more. The Los Gatos Mountains are a specialty area and there are many plusses to living in the Los Gatos Mountains: clean air, more open space (less crowding), beautiful vistas, great schools (top rated public schools), lower housing costs. Itís a fabulous place if you have horses or just love more seclusion. The folks who live in the hills absolutely love their communities and homes.

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