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Naglee Park is a residential neighborhood within downtown San Jose and near San Jose State University. The general boundaries of the neighborhood are Santa Clara Street, 11th Street, Interstate 280, and Coyote Creek. The local high school is San Jose High Academy. Much of the Naglee Park
neighborhood was developed on the grounds of the estate of Civil War Brig. General Henry Morris Naglee. The Naglee estate was famous for its gardens and vineyards. In 1902, nearly 20 years after General Naglee's death, the estate was subdivided to form the Naglee Park neighborhood. The Naglee
Park Subdivision is bounded by E Santa Clara Street, E William Street, South 11th Street, and Coyote Creek. Many of the homes were constructed in the early 1900s, but few are built before 1906 because of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.  Today, Naglee Park is one of the most livable
neighborhoods in San Jose.

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