Short Sale

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California short sales refer to a real estate transaction whereby the current lender(s) agree to allow the owner to sell the property for an amount less than the current mortgage.
You may Qualify for up to $3,000 in Government relocation assistance with a successful California short sale or up to $30,000 in lender assistance! 

When you contact Ozzy Niazi at Keller Williams Realty a short sale Realtor® familiar with California short sales will discuss with you your unique situation, and will discuss with you your options. If your bank has asked you contact our company as a short sale Realtor, we will expedite your appointment to accommodate your urgency.  Likewise, if there is a pending foreclosure sale, we will react with the urgency you need. We provide all services to homeowners at NO COST to the homeowner. Our consultations are straight forward, informative and FREE. There is no obligation and never a cost to for California homeowners exploring their current mortgage options. If you decide you want us to work on your behalf, there are still no costs to you. All of our fees are paid by your lender.

California short sales are different than equity sales: Short sales are more complicated and time consuming than an average real estate sale, making it important to retain an experienced real estate professional to oversee and negotiate the transaction.  Short sales are being pushed as a win-win situation since the bank gets something, and the homeowner avoids foreclosure.  The process is not necessarily complicated but they do require some work on your part and the part of your agent.  Short sales are one of many ways of stopping foreclosure of your home, and they are advantageous to all parties in involved.

The theory behind short sales is that banks would be better off to accept a loss now, versus going through the legal expense of a foreclosure, just to end up selling it for less later. The benefit to both parties are that the homeowner doesn’t suffer the credit impacts/stigma of foreclosure and the lender can clear a non-performing loan without the associated costs of foreclosure, eviction and property rehabilitation. A short sale is a viable alternative to foreclosure when foreclosure is imminent and unavoidable, property values do not support a price sufficient to pay the loan in full and the borrower will not receive compensation from the sale. Your first step is a phone call to discuss your situation and to evaluate your available options.  Please call today 408-375-1055 to discuss your unique situation.

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